August 3, 2022
Dawn Hunter: Cover for Permanent Make Up Magazine

I am so excited to announce that I was gifted a chance to be featured in an international trade magazine and showcase my scar and trauma treatments. This has been such an exciting year. Scars and trauma care touch home to me and I have a natural affinity to take on challenging cases. As a former director of esthetics in a medical spa I was able to treat a variety of skin trauma such as burns, scars, texture issues and combined with laser and light we were able to have pretty incredible results.

The skin is an organ and can change with the right challenges up to a point, pigmentation is what I call “icing on the cake.” When the last surgery or laser has been utilized we bring in our “paints” and much like my canvas drawings, I can use my tools to create art.

We utilize the same type of 3D shading, color and light just as artists, tattooists and graphic design. The skin is much like a canvas and it is an exciting time to be in this profession.