August 3, 2022
How to Decide on a Permanent Cosmetics Training Program

You made the decision to learn permanent cosmetics and are in the whirlwind of excitement to get started but how do you choose the best training program to achieve the highest level of training for your investment?

Location: Finding a local school for permanent cosmetics /microblading requires long term investment of time and ongoing education. Having your training program close by can help in many ways provided it is an excellent training program. After you receive your certification in PMU many. more questions will arise as you move into beginner level services and having a mentor close by can be very helpful. With online moving very fast now this may not be such an issue but there can be something comforting about face to face time.

Trainers Qualifications: Top trainers have years of experience and the industry standard is a minimum of 5 years of active practice to be qualified as a skilled trainer. PMU is a life long learning craft and learning the fundamentals is your launching pad so it has to be solid. Excellent training programs are lead by high-quality trainers and team of support trainers. Much like other crafts, permanent cosmetic training takes years to master and hands-on clients daily is the way you learn the best as each client provides new challenges to overcome. Trainers with years of experience can help you navigate through these challenges.

Ongoing Education: Ongoing education is of key importance for after receiving your certification in permanent cosmetics. Microblading and other techniques required ongoing education with drills and practice. We often say Drills = Skills. Online refresher courses, one on one follow up, coaching all help to create success in your new career. Advanced class offering to create higher levels of education to move up the ladder in ability. Feedback and critiques provide valuable learning curves.

Technology and Tools: Permanent cosmetic training programs have to stay up to date on newest trends and technology in this fast-growing profession. So many new styles, options, machines and products are racing to the front door so to keep up the trainers also become students. Dedicated trainers take advanced classes and stay up with the newest trends in microblading and permanent cosmetics. Worldwide, there is so much to learn and share. Online platforms help bring the world into your hands and training programs that stay up on that trends are the ones to join with.

Ratings and reviews: Reviews and ratings in general and see the overall pattern of review for permanent cosmetics training and certification programs. Are they in any state-funded programs for tuition? The state does extensive background and quality control checks before approving a training facility in microblading and permanent make up for their funded programs.

Training Facility: Is the training facility up to code and have all licensing up to date with proper licensing? Investigate to make sure there are no violations at the state department level, you can also check to make sure they are fully licensed. BBB ratings matter as well. Is the facility up to health code requirements? While that may not be your scope to know what those are yet for permanent cosmetic training or microblading as a new student but you can ask the local state level to check and see if there are any negative issues with the program. Do your homework and make sure you are confident in the training school.

Hope these tips help and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at VINE Studios Training Academy.