Dr Dawn Hunter, DC ME PMU
Diamond Master Pro, Master Esthetician

Dr Dawn Hunter DC ME PMU is a Medical cosmetics expert with over 15 years experience in the medical cosmetics arena. Master Esthetician, Cosmetic Tattooing. She started her professional life as a Chiropractor launching a successful integrative model with medical esthetics combined with natural health care.

Cosmetic tattooing “found her” she says when some clients in the medical spa needed help with scars and trauma that required coloration techniques that were just not offered in traditional medical esthetics.

Dr Dawn learned the techniques and combined them with her master esthetics training and the rest is history. She has helped thousands of clients over the years from basic eyebrows to complex scar and trauma revisions and founded the #1 training academy in the northwest.

She works with clients from all over the USA that need her specialized and master level services.

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Building Confidence with master level Cosmetic tattoo

(Botox, Xeomin) $14 a unit / $10 a unit

Prices are customized

Full Face Packages

Brow Lift

Eye Lift

Lip Youth

Custom Brow Designs

Customized Ombre Lips

Natural Lips

Lip Blush

Lip Correction / Scars

Advanced Shadow Fade EyelinerNon surgical Eye Lift

Scar & Trauma

Burn Scar tension release and camo

Stretch Marks Eraser


Surgical Scars

Coloration correction Hypo and Hyperpigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation for hair loss and density.

Skin ResurfacingChemical PeelsMicroneedle

Crepe skin with Plasma pen

Eyelid tightening
(Plasma Pen

PRP Facial Microneedle 

Areola resoration

All prices are estimates, and can vary up or down depending on promotions and package deals.

80+ 5-Star Reviews on Google

Dawn is AMAZING for your beauty needs. Do your face a favor and book into Vine Studios for all your beauty needs.
Teigan Borus -
I couldn't believe how amazing my face looked after having my brows done it completely changed my look.
Aaron -
Dr. Dawn and her team were amazing to work with during my training. I really enjoyed the fundamentals class. I learned so much! I am looking forward to continuing my training with Vine Studios Academy! 100% recommend! 10 out of 10!
Michelle Gettsy -
I chose these classes because it looked like the most professional and supportive in the area-and I was not wrong! Dawn seems to genuinely care about her the learning and success of her students. She gives honest feedback, and is there even after classes for support. Loved watching her do live demos. The studio was beautiful! Will definitely be seeking further classes from Dawn!
Liz F. -