Fundamentals of Eyebrows Certification Training

Start your PMU career with our intensive Fundamentals of Brows course where you will learn 3 brow styles: Microblade, Fusion and Ombre, the most commonly requested brow styles that will build your foundational skills.

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what you will learn
Three Foundational Brows- MicroBlade/Fusion/Ombre Clients come with variety of needs it isn't one size fits all. We have seen student only learn one style and fail in practice because they didn't have options.  We know the reality of PMU career and you must know 3 foundational brows to truly get started as a PMU artists. We believe that you need to have these three basic brows skills.  Microblading is a solid foundational pattern skill that is used for hair strokes and fluffy brow look. We recommend starting here before moving to nano machine brows.  Microblade can only be used on around 50% of your clients so we also teach you FUSION which is a combination of Microblade + Ombre Fade.  OMBRE is a must as it is universal brow that you can also build foundations from and your clients will love. You can blend multi color and shade up.  Our Fundamentals trains you in all three of these core foundations. Learn Mapping, Outline drills, pressure and shading, machine and hand tool Microblades.  The most popular brow options: Microblade, Fusion and Ombre
  • Color Theory
  • Machine techniques + Needle options
  • Pressure and Pacing
  • How to check your work on fake skins what to look for
  • Mapping on clients & Corrective work
  • Training your Brain to see symmetry and imbalance correction techniques
  • 3 type of mapping. String. Stick Method. Caliphers.
  • Skin types - Detailed on each skin type and texture
  • Healing and Aftercare never wonder why or how the skin heals properly 
  • Skin anatomy you MUST Know
  • How wound heals from cellular level- we go deep!
  • Client sales and upselling without sounding "pushy or salesly"
  • How to Market and Get started 
  • Basics of Brow Design & Mapping
  • Advanced Skin & Fitzpatrick Scale
  • So MUCH MORE.......
What You Will Get

• 50 Hour Eyebrow PMU Fundamentals Course
• 3 Months of Coaching
• Workbook & starter brow kit: Includes machine, needles, practice skins, mapping tools, pigments and all the tools required to use in your training.
• VIP Online Mentorship Group: Join our private group of students and certified artist to gain support, friendship and continued mentorship.
• Photos – How to capture photos and do basic edits for your IG and FB accounts to show clients your work

hear from our students

“I went to Vine Academy for the full fundamentals course learning how to tattoo basic lips, eyeliner, fusion brows, and microblading. I love how Dr. Dawn not only teaches how to work on the skin, but teaches you what’s going on with the skin in every area you’re learning about and how the body heals and what it needs from you. Dr. Dawn is very direct, honest, and funny. Will definitely be returning for more classes as I progress!

Brooklyn Mejia

“Dr. Dawn and her team were amazing to work with during my training. I really enjoyed the fundamentals class. I learned so much! I am looking forward to continuing my training with Vine Studios Academy! 100% recommend! 10 out of 10!”

Michelle Gettsy

“I have done the full fundamentals class with Dr. Dawn and got ombré brows done by Dr. Dawn here at Vine Studios and I absolutely love them! She is an amazing trainer and very helpful with everything she teaches you. Very thorough and the work she does is extremely the BEST!!!!”

Kristina Allen

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